Monday, September 24, 2007

Step 23

I have completed all the 23 things and while some of them did interest me, I found that most of the things I probably will not use again. I found that having to register for all the different accounts was a little annoying. While overall this was not that bad, I would suggest that if someting like this is offered again, there not be so many steps. I found that it was a challenge met because once I started I was going to complete the steps. I will give HCPL credit for trying to keep staff aware of new technology and what is the latest in the information age. The bottom line is that I completed 2.0 Yahoo!

Step 22

I created a account and looked in subjects like sports and classic fiction. I did not try to download because I do not use audiobooks now and do not commute far enough too do this. Besides I prefer too read the old fashion way.

Step 21

I explored a little and decided to link this podcast site.

Step 20

I have look in You Tube before and am not really impress with this site. I did look again and here is my link

Step 19

I used the travel site to search for airline tickets, the site was okay and I may use again. This time I had no luck with prices for seats but that was okay it was for a last minute flight. Hotwire had a better deal!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Step 18

I look around in this and used Goggle Doc. to write a poem entitled " I am Getting close to Finishing 2.0"

Getting Close to Finishing 2.0

I am getting close to finishing 2.0

I am so glad I don't have too far to go

I wondered sometimes what is the big deal about being so techno

But you know what I am close to finishing 2.0

Step 17

I tried to do this and when I got to the page to blog my favorites there was a note from ib saying that some of our blogs got moved around. I did not see mine I will check later. But I did get that far